Treatment Of Ulcers To Quickly Deflate?

My face has been growing (seems to boil) since October 18. Until now the size is the same and maybe enlarged to a little. The location of the nose boils over where the glasses are nosepad. The size is about the button of the shirt and the color is red, finally I try to solve it by squeezing it but it doesn’t break too. What should I do? Because it’s been weeklyrims

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Hi Kelvin,

Boils or folliculitis are inflammatory conditions in hair follicles, follicles themselves are where hair grows so folliculitis generally occurs in hairy body parts such as chest, back, head, groin or face. This condition is generally harmless and can generally be handled alone, however it can be very disturbing in appearance if it arises in a visible area. Here are some things you can do to treat ulcers:

Maintain cleanliness of the affected area with antibacterial soap and warm water
Compress with warm water and salt (1 teaspoon of salt 2 cups of water), vinegar can also be used to replace salt
Use topical medication for boils or over-the-counter infections
If ulcers persist or are very annoying, it should be checked by a doctor because it can require further treatment such as the consumption of antibiotics or surgery

Although your complaint can be caused by a boil, it does not mean that the condition must be caused by a boil. Check with your doctor if the complaint persists after self-treatment to get further treatment related to your complaint because in addition to boils, the condition that you experience can also be caused by the following things:

Acne vulgaris or acne
Benign skin tumors or cysts
Skin infections such as impetigo


May be useful,

dr. Budiono

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