Treatment Of Urinary Tract Infections?

Illustration of Treatment Of Urinary Tract Infections?
Illustration: Treatment Of Urinary Tract Infections?, for 2 months from June to July I had a urinary tract infection already on ultrasound, blood tests, urine. As long as I took the medicine my doctor gave me, my stomach didn’t change and until now it still hurts when I urinate. Even the pain reaches the back of the bone and sometimes I walk a little when squatting. As a result of this infection, I haven’t had my period in August, my body is hot, my weight has decreased. I asked whether I should take antibiotics continuously, and how did the doctor advise me what should I do?

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The existence of complaints of recurrent urinary tract infections, often experienced by patients, both male or female. However, in women, these complaints are often not accompanied by typical complaints at an early stage, however, complaints will often be felt especially if treatment and prevention are not carried out.
If you often experience urinary tract complaints or urinary tract infections, and have undergone examination and evaluation by your doctor, then if the diagnosis of urinary tract infections has been established, then treatment and prevention must be lived according to the advice of the doctor who treats you. However, what needs to be stressed here is what efforts you can do to prevent the risk of recurrent urinary tract infections.
Some efforts that can be done is to avoid the risk factors that cause recurrent urinary tract infections. Below, are some risk factors that trigger recurrent urinary tract infections:
1. lack of maintaining cleanliness or personal hygiene, especially the pubic area and urinary tract
2. often hold urine
3. Inadequate water needs
4. risky sexual relations or free sex
5. sexually transmitted infections
6. habit of cleaning the rectal area from the genitals after bowel movements, so that dirty or contaminated water in the anal area causes contamination of the genital area or the female
7. urethral stones
For continued consumption of antibiotics, you should immediately discuss and consult with your doctor. Because by meeting in person and consulting directly, the doctor who treats you can find out your current clinical condition, so it can determine whether treatment with antibiotics is needed or not. Thus, information relating to the care and handling of complaints that you feel can be immediately carried out appropriately.
At this time, you should start to identify a number of risk factors that might trigger your complaints. Furthermore, avoid these risk factors to prevent recurrence of urinary tract infections.
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