Treatment Of Uterine Cysts?

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,rnI am 22 years old and unmarried, 2 months ago I was diagnosed with an endometrial cyst measuring 2.5 cm. The cyst affected my period, my period stopped and didn’t come out at all, it’s been 4 months now. Before that, my menstrual cycle was normal. I have been given norelut and other drugs so that my period comes out. However, until now, my period has not come out. Even though I have consulted with this doctor 3 times, each consul was given medicine, but there was no change. The doctor recommended surgery.rnMy question is, is surgery the only way so that my cyst can disappear and my period can return to normal? And will this cyst one day be a barrier for me to get pregnant if I get married later?rnrnPlease explain, thank you in advance 🙂

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Hi Selvia, thanks for the question. Endometriosis cyst or chocolate cyst is a tissue in the wall of the uterus (endometrium) that moves and causes problems. The endometrium can move to the ovaries, fallopian tubes, abdominal cavity, the outer wall of the uterus, the tissue around the uterus. Endometrium / lining of the wall in the uterus can thicken, thin, even shed / fall out following the female hormone cycle. If the female hormone cycle increases during the fertile period, the endometrium thickens, on the contrary it thins during menstruation and even sheds.

The displaced endometrium can also thicken and shed according to the hormonal cycle, and cause various complaints, including:

1. Severe menstrual pain

2. Excessive menstrual bleeding

3. Stomach pain

4. Menstrual cycle disorders

5. Coughing up blood, when the endometrium moves to the lungs

6. Seizures, in the case of the endometrium moving to the brain.

7. Infertility / difficult to have children.

Complaints of your irregular menstruation may be caused by the endometriosis. Difficult to have offspring is one result of endometriosis, especially those that interfere with the hormonal cycle. Other consequences

Treatment of endometriosis depends on the location and impact. Therefore, you should consult directly with an obstetrician and gynecologist who treats you.

Treatments that you can do at home include rest, warm compresses, and taking over-the-counter menstrual pain relievers.

To further understand endometriosis you can read the following article.

That's our explanation, hope it helps, thank you.

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