Treatment Of Wounds In The Feet To Dry Quickly?

Illustration of Treatment Of Wounds In The Feet To Dry Quickly?
Illustration: Treatment Of Wounds In The Feet To Dry Quickly?

Hello, 5 days ago I fell from a motorcycle. There are some quite deep wounds, such as in the eyes. When I run out I immediately clean my feet with running water and then I betadine, so I compress with cold water after 2 days I compress warm water. After 3 days it didn’t dry out and started to swell, I finally gave supertetra but there was no change so it even more painful (like being pricked by a needle). Finally on the 4th day I decided to see a doctor. There my wound was cleaned, I was prescribed amoxilin, dexamethasone 0.5, renadinac 50, gentamicyn ointment. And my legs are no longer painful, there are also wounds that have dried but still swollen. How do I get rid of the swelling if I compress it with warm water? Is the wound in the eyes so that it can run faster? Thank you for this

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Injuries that occur due to accidents or falls, are wounds that are at risk of being dirty and contaminated by germs. The risk of an infected wound is higher if there is a deep wound, which is not only an open wound on the outer skin, but has reached the bottom layer of the skin. Thus, taking care of the initial wound from a wound deep enough in the area of ​​your ankle becomes important to restore the integrity of the skin, prevent infection and to help healing the skin properly.
In dirty wounds and risk of infection, the possibility of complaints is accompanied by pain, swelling, the emergence of pus, old wounds healed you can also experience. So that by knowing the condition of the wound, the initial risk of injury and undergoing good wound care will help the wound heal well.
Some of the conditions below can prolong the process of wound healing, such as:
1. an infection in the wound
2. wounds are often exposed to water
3. a wound in a moist area
4. deep wounds that require indications of wound sutures
5. antibiotic resistance
6. have a history of diabetes
If you do wound care with a warm compress on the wound, then you can do it around the wound, so that water does not enter your wound. Wherever possible, these wounds do not come into contact with water, the wounds are always dry and always covered to prevent contamination from the outside environment into the wound. With good care, the average wound can recover around 7-8 days.
And if you already get treatment and treatment from a doctor, and now your complaint has improved but there are still complaints that interfere and your wound has not dried up, you should return control to the doctor who treats you for evaluation and re-examination of complaints that you feel. The doctor will perform a direct examination and if necessary, stitches can be done to restore the integrity of your skin due to injury.
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