Treatment Of Wounds In The Legs?

Illustration of Treatment Of Wounds In The Legs?
Illustration: Treatment Of Wounds In The Legs?

Om Swastiastu, I want to ask, I was injured on the feet and then infested by flies. Is it because of the flies that the wounds are multiplying and spreading? … I Search Google. nothing untoward happened. Astungkara🙏 … Om shanti shanti shanti om.

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Hello. Good afternoon. Thank you for asking

Regarding injuries, it should be noted and conveyed the following points, namely since when the badgers are felt; whether with pain if yes continuously or aggravated by a certain condition or activity; if there are other symptoms such as fever, difficulty walking, radiating pain to the upper leg; has there been a similar history before; is there a history of other illnesses such as high blood sugar. Based on complaints of pain several diseases that may be the cause, viz.

Bacterial infections (folliculitis, furuncle abscess)
Virus infection
Diabetes wound

Bacterial infections (folliculitis, furuncle) usually occur when bacteria enter the open skin and the immune system is weak, the form can be like boils or dry in the form of crust. Appearance of the skin that appears is usually in the form of small spots measuring about 0.5-1 cm that are reddish and sometimes contain pus (abscess). Symptoms experienced are sometimes accompanied by itching, pain, and palpable heat on the skin area.

Viral infection is a condition when a virus enters a person's body, then attacks the body's cells and multiply. Some other viruses can be transmitted through touch on the liquid in the injured skin. The types of viruses that cause infections in the skin are numerous, including the virus Varicella-zoster, molluscum contagiosum, and human papillomavirus (HPV).

Diabetes related wounds must occur in people who have high sugar levels so blood sugar checks must be done first, especially in someone who has a family history of diabetes or has a very high sugar diet. Diabetes is a wound that appears and develops due to disorders of the peripheral nerves, damage to the structure of the leg bones, and thickening and narrowing of blood vessels that often occurs in people with diabetes. Symptoms of diabetic ulcers in diabetics are legs that appear swollen, redness, irritation, odor or sticky fluid coming out of the feet. in socks or shoes. Causes of diabetic ulcers include poor blood circulation, so that blood flow does not flow efficiently to your feet.

Some things you can do to avoid this are

- Maintain cleanliness of the skin by cleaning it regularly
- Eat nutritious foods to boost the immune system
- If there is an infection in one place do not be scratched and exposed to another place

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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