Treatment Of Wounds In The Stomach In People With Stomach Acid?

Illustration of Treatment Of Wounds In The Stomach In People With Stomach Acid?
Illustration: Treatment Of Wounds In The Stomach In People With Stomach Acid?

Hello good night, I’m a student aged 18 years. So I have a history of heartburn from my childhood. When I was little, I was often treated because there was a wound in my stomach. But since junior high, my stomach has rarely relapsed. Since my ulcer high school started to recur more often than before (2 or 3 months). Sometimes my stomach ulcers recur if I really have eaten spicy food but it’s not uncommon for my stomach to relapse even though I eat foods that don’t trigger stomach ulcers. And while I was in college, my stomach relapsed more and more frequently. Could be once a month and once in a month my ulcer recurred twice. Even though during my college days my food didn’t trigger an ulcer. My ulcer, if I have recurred, it really hurts so much that I can’t do anything and even put to sleep, and I can’t work better if given injection medicine than a pill like a plant, plantacid or something like that. Is my stomach still within reasonable limits or what? I was a bit scared actually, but I want to see a doctor directly, I don’t want to really

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Hello, thanks for the question.

Heartburn or dyspepsia is a collection of symptoms characterized by heartburn, flatulence, and can be accompanied by nausea and vomiting. This heartburn occurs due to an increase in stomach acid, which over time will cause injury to the stomach and intestinal wall, causing severe abdominal pain. This stomach acid can increase due to:

Unhealthy lifestyles, such as smoking, consuming too much caffeine, alcohol, soft drinks, eating too fast or too much. Irregular Eating Eating foods that are too spicy or too acidic Side effects of drugs, such as antibiotics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) commonly used to reduce pain, and others. Helicobacter pylori infection Stress or psychological factors Disorders of the digestive tract or complications of certain medical conditions Gastric cancer. etc. If the complaint is felt to be very severe, continuous, or there is no improvement after the consumption of a stomach medicine that is commonly consumed or stomach medicine that can be bought freely at the pharmacy, you should consult a doctor. The doctor will conduct question and answer, direct examination, and additional examinations such as blood tests, ultrasound, endoscopy, etc. to ascertain the cause of the complaint. Treatment will be adjusted to the condition and severity of the disease. To reduce and prevent complaints, you should do a healthy lifestyle, eat regularly, eat healthy and nutritious foods, eat small portions and often to help reduce nausea, eat soft foods first, avoid foods that are too spicy, too sour, oily, coconut milk , avoid cigarettes, caffeine, alcohol, soft drinks, and also avoid eating too fast or too much. Increase your consumption of water, regular exercise, and adequate rest. If you feel complaints of abdominal pain accompanied by black stools, weakness, and vomiting of blood you should immediately consult a doctor.

Thus, hopefully it helps.

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