Treatment Other Than Surgery On Wounds Of Diabetics?

Illustration of Treatment Other Than Surgery On Wounds Of Diabetics?
Illustration: Treatment Other Than Surgery On Wounds Of Diabetics?

is it true that a diabetic wound must be operated on if the wound has expanded ?? is there no other treatment to treat it? wounds- diabetic-demi- minimize- risk- more bad

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Diabetics often experience complications in the form of wounds on the feet that are difficult to heal. Factors that inhibit wound healing include high blood sugar (which causes bacteria to multiply easily in wounds), impaired blood flow to the feet, and nerve disorders in the legs. Small wounds can be treated without surgery by ensuring that blood sugar is well controlled and the infection is treated with antibiotics. A large enough wound usually requires debridement therapy or cleaning of damaged or dead tissue so that the skin tissue is clean and the infection does not progress in the dead tissue. If the wound is very deep and the infection has reached the bone (or is called having osteomyelitis) especially if the bone has died of tissue death and destruction, the possibility of the infected bone must indeed be amputated so that the infection does not spread to the upper bone and does not spread infection throughout the body (sepsis).

How to treat diabetes wounds is very dependent on the condition of each wound, but the principle is the same, controlling blood sugar, controlling infection, as well as care for a good wound. Diabetic wounds that are very broad should be treated by specialists in internal medicine and surgeons so that the treatment of diabetes and wounds more optimally. Consult the doctor who treats you to find out more clearly the best treatment for your wound.

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