Illustration of Trichotillomania?
Illustration: Trichotillomania?

Hello, my name is Zahra. I have a habit of pulling my hair out until my head is bald, and that habit was there when I was seven years old, I was embarrassed and until now I often wear the hijab. but my parents didn’t even care that in my head there were already many red rashes, and my friends did consider me to be sociable and cheerful, but they also said that I didn’t have a clear expression when talking or chatting with them, I can say I can change expression very quickly, and my view is always blank, I also often feel like crying and laughing suddenly, I also often feel anxious and worried but without reason, I have difficulty communicating with many people, I am very do not like the crowd and I often hurt myself without knowing it.How do I stop the habit of pulling r my greeting ?, So what actually happened to me based on the symptoms I described above? Please help, huh­čśâ

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Hello Zahra, thank you for asking to

Trichotillomania is a mental disorder that causes the sufferer to have the urge to pull on and pull out his hair. Usually the urge arises when sufferers experience anxiety. Because of the habit of pulling hair, the hair of the sufferer may experience baldness or sores around the scalp.

This disorder that happens to you is indeed very vulnerable to occur in adolescents or someone who is just entering puberty. Most people who experience trichotillomania are someone who has a personal anxiety and stress. Some even begin with depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder. In addition, a family history of this condition will increase the risk of the same condition occurring in adolescents in the family.

Hair pulling symptoms in patients with trichotillomania arise when the sufferer feels stressed and tense, sometimes also appearing unnoticed. Moreover, sufferers will find it difficult to resist the urge to pull hair. In addition, sometimes trichotillomania sufferers also experience disturbances and difficulties in their social life.

To overcome the symptoms that you experience, you should immediately consult a psychiatrist. The handling of trichotillomania will focus on changing behavior and changing repetitive actions by diverting it with other harmless antifactives, including squeezing squishy or playing cube fidget to divert anxiety. Then drugs such as antidepressants and Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) drugs will be used to reduce symptoms. Besides antipsychotic drugs can also be used as a combination of therapy.

You can also learn stress management and management to reduce symptoms of anxiety and emotional instability in yourself. Here are things you can do:

 Relaxation and breathing if behave and think positively Assertive behavior that is not harboring negative feelings Expressing opinions Dare to refuse things that do not want to be done Looking for social support, especially family Adequate rest and eat healthy and nutritiously balanced food Hopefully it helps


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