Trn Platelets But Not DB And Typhus?

Illustration of Trn Platelets But Not DB And Typhus?
Illustration: Trn Platelets But Not DB And Typhus?

good afternoon..1 week ago my husband had high fever for 4 days after checking his platelet count dropped by 112 … at night I checked his blood again, his platelets went up above normal … I thought my husband was already smbh … My 6 husband demem again and I went back to the doctor to check the blood again and the platelet count reached 96 thousand, and finally my husband was hospitalized for 5 days … as long as he was in the hospital the platelet count was 105,102.99 and finally when the platelet was 113 the platelets were still below normal … The doctor thought that my husband had a typhus and all was negative ??? and my husband still had a headache, stiff neck, and cold feet and hands ?? I thought “why my husband ??? what did I do?

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From the info you convey, there is a history

sick course and results of blood tests

done, in general it likely leads to

dengue fever infection. However, it is necessary

other supporting examinations to be sure

the possibility of this dengue fever infection, is wrong

such as with dengue serology examination.

However, all of this depends on the evaluation of the doctor

take good care of your husband, be it towards the treatment plan

or plans for further examination.

If at this time the complaint is headache, the hand is still

cold, or the body feels weak is still felt, then

this condition is likely your husband is still in his childhood

recovery or perhaps the intake of food eaten

not optimal, causing physical recovery

after hospitalization is still prolonged.

Apart from dengue fever, decreased platelets

It can also be caused by several things, such as:

1. typhus

2. general viral infections, such as chikungunya

3. blood disorders

4. congenital disease

5. Medicine

Therefore, if your husband's platelet count is still low or your husband's physical condition is still weak, then you should suggest a direct examination to an internal medicine doctor. The doctor will conduct a clinical evaluation according to your husband's current condition. Further supporting screening will be provided to ascertain the cause of this complaint.

Treatment and treatment will be carried out according to the results obtained.

For now, optimize the intake of water, fruit, for daily consumption. Avoid spicy food, noodles, meatballs, fried rice during the recovery period.

That is the information we can convey, also read rombocytopenia.


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