Tt Vaccine

Illustration of Tt Vaccine
Illustration: Tt Vaccine

Good evening dock. Want to ask, before getting married I did not get the vaccine tt, now I’m currently 2 months pregnant, is it safe for mother and baby? Do I have to be vaccinated now or later when the uterine age has reached TM3? Thank you.

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Hello Princess,

Thank you for the question.

Post-delivery care and care (for example when treating perineal wounds and umbilical cord puppies) places the mother and fetus at a high risk of transmission of infections, including tetanus. Tetanus is a disease that attacks the nervous system and is caused by the bacterium Clostridium tetani. If late detected and handled, tetanus can be very deadly.

The risk of you and your baby later experiencing tetanus can be reduced by administering a tetanus vaccine (TT, tetanus toxoid). In the first pregnancy, most doctors will recommend this vaccine to be given at least 2 times, with a spacing of 4 weeks. As for if you have never received a tetanus vaccine before, then this vaccine can be given as much as 3 times, with a 4-week interval between the first and second vaccines, and 6 months between the second and third vaccines. When exactly this vaccine is given during pregnancy, the answer may be at any time, depending on the doctor's preference, and judging from your general health condition. As long as it's given by a competent doctor or gynecologist, and as long as you don't have severe allergies or have problems with severe immune system disorders, administering this vaccine isn't dangerous. Side effects that often follow this vaccine are also often mild, that is only in the form of inflammation in the former location of the vaccine, fever, headache, and so on which can subside by itself with plenty of rest.

So, you should consult with your doctor directly ..

I hope this helps.

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