Tuberculosis Treatment In The Elderly?

Illustration of Tuberculosis Treatment In The Elderly?
Illustration: Tuberculosis Treatment In The Elderly?

Greetings doctor … I want to ask about the problem of pulmonary TB, my mother 6 months ago was diagnosed with a high school doctor, that was positive, and we have been taking OAT treatment for 6 months and a week ago, we had submitted a sputum sample to the hospital, but the results were Still positive, is this SLMA treatment unsuccessful or is there another problem where the BTA results are still +? Furthermore, what are the side effects of the second version of this treatment with the same treatment 2 months early when the red pills appear, vomiting, etc. or not as weak as taking the yellow pill, but many doctors do not.

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Tuberculosis is a medical condition caused by a bacterial infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Generally tuberculosis is transmitted through droplets, can be found in the lungs and other body organs. Symptoms that can be experienced by tuberculosis sufferers include long-standing cough that doesn't heal, weight loss, night sweats, weakness, fever, chest pain when coughing, shortness of breath, coughing with bloody sputum, decreased appetite.

In establishing the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis, consultation with a doctor is needed, anamnesis, physical examination, and supporting examinations, especially sputum examination and chest X-ray. Keep in mind that tuberculosis can be dormant in the body. Although bacteria are already present in the body, they do not cause symptoms immediately. When the bacterial condition becomes active, new symptoms will arise above.

Tuberculosis treatment follows a regimen with several types of treatment, but currently several types of treatment have been packaged in Fixed Dose Combination to facilitate treatment. Tuberculosis treatment is generally divided into two categories tailored to the type of patient, tuberculosis history, tuberculosis treatment history, and treatment response or recurrence.

In the treatment of tuberculosis, it is required to discipline to take drugs and follow up until the treatment is said to be complete. Some factors that can influence treatment include adherence to patients taking medication, whether tuberculosis bacteria are resistant to certain medications, as well as side effects from medications consumed by patients. If symptoms have not been found to be improved and confirmed by sputum examination that these bacteria are no longer found, then the treatment can not be said to be complete and must be examined and continued treatment of tuberculosis.

It is not advisable to stop self-medication without doctor's instructions, follow the treatment regimen completely to prevent drug resistance, carry out regular control according to schedule, maintain a balanced lifestyle, activities, and rest. If you feel a cough is getting worse, is experiencing shortness of breath or severe chest pain, then immediately consult a doctor at the nearest health facility.

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