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Hello friends, I was diagnosed with a tumor on the wall of the pancreas, the size of which is 4.5cm. And on the inner wall of the stomach 1.5cm. Can this affect his digestion? Because every meal is very painful. And what can cause shortness of breath too? NThe doctor’s previous experiments

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The pancreas is one of the large glands in the body which is approximately 15 cm in size. The pancreas gland is a gland that plays an important role in digestion, so if there is a disturbance in the pancreas it causes symptoms in the digestive system. Specifically, the pancreas helps break down food so that it can be absorbed by the body. In addition, the pancreas also produces the hormone insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar levels so that it can be under normal conditions. Any disturbance in the pancreas will also affect the level of sugar in the blood where there can be an increase in blood sugar or the like.

The following are some of the symptoms that can be caused by a pancreatic tumor, which are as follows:

Fever and chills Itching in the body Nausea and vomiting Digestive disorders Changes in bowel pattern Lack or loss of appetite Diabetes is a condition in which blood sugar cannot be controlled, causing a continuous increase. The condition of shortness of breath is not absolutely in the condition of pancreatic cancer, however, if the tumor is large enough to press on the upper abdomen, it can press on the chest cavity and surrounding organs such as the lungs and this causes complaints of shortness of breath.

That's all I can say, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Tiwi

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