Type 2 Diabetes Whether You Should Always Take The Drug Metformin?

Illustration of Type 2 Diabetes Whether You Should Always Take The Drug Metformin?
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Afternoon, want to ask type 2 Diabetes whether you should always take the drug Metformin, even though fasting blood sugar and 2 hours after eating is always normal by maintaining your diet, mhn the information.

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Need to be clear, when was the last time you checked your blood sugar to the doctor? So, what about your doctor's advice?

Type 2 diabetes mellitus occurs when the body does not respond properly (resistant) to the activity of the hormone insulin. As a result, blood sugar levels can increase due to not being able to be used properly in cell metabolism. This condition often makes sufferers feel a series of complaints, including frequent urination, frequent hunger, frequent thirst, frequent tingling or numbness, fatigue, weakness, weight loss dramatically, and complications can occur to various other organs, such as the eyes, kidneys blood vessels, brain and so on.

Not always diabetics show typical symptoms. Symptoms that are felt to be improving and well-controlled blood sugar levels often cause diabetics to be lazy to return to treatment. This should be straightened out. Because, so far, there is no known treatment that can cure diabetes completely. As for the treatment currently available, including the consumption of the drug metformin, it is done solely to control blood sugar levels, while preventing the occurrence of more serious complications. Therefore, you should not arbitrarily stop taking the drug, if it is not recommended directly by your doctor or specialist in internal medicine, right?

Keep taking medications regularly, and control your diabetes by living a healthy lifestyle, including by:

Eat more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Reduce foods that contain lots of simple carbohydrates, cholesterol, saturated fats, and trans fats. Expand exercise and be active, don't sit too much. Sleep and wake up more disciplined every day. Hope this helps ...

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