Type Of Pregnancy Test For A Pregnancy Program?

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mlm..i icha 32 years old..I’m married is almost 4thn..ptp not yet pregnant .. coming months smoothly without any complaints … husband d test the results are good. what should I do in my laboratory for myself and I’m 145. tall, only 36 KG

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Hello Icha, thanks for asking.

Waiting for the arrival of pregnancy is indeed often make you restless. Many factors affect a person's ability to get pregnant. Some factors that might influence, include:

Imbalance of reproductive hormones.
An imbalance of hormones other than reproductive hormones (for example thyroid hormones).
Psychic stress.
Reproductive tract disorders (for example fallopian tubes are not patent or endometriosis).
TORCH infection.
Overweight or underweight.
Drastic dietary changes, such as too strict a diet, or anorexia nervosa.
Chronic diseases (eg diabetes mellitus).

Consult this in detail with the treating obstetrician. The doctor may need to do several examinations, for example:

TORCH examination
Check the levels of reproductive hormones and other hormones (if necessary).
HSG (hysterosalfingography) to see the patency of the fallopian tubes.
Examination of blood samples, X-rays, or abdominal ultrasound to look for any chronic disease that is not detected.

Try to keep your weight in the normal range. Expand the intake of protein, vegetables, and fruit. Get to know your psychological stress factors and deal with them as much as possible. Get a good night's rest. Try regular exercise, moderate intensity, at least 3-5 times a week, minimum duration of 30 minutes.

Hopefully this information can be useful for you. Regards.

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