Typhoid Recovery Period?

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I am Andriansyah 22 years old, my body dropped a month ago, so I had a fever, very weak body, stomach pain, shaking, chills, etc. Then I was treated and given ulcer medicine for 1 week, the second week it didn’t heal then I went to the drug depot and was given ulcer medicine + antibiotics, it didn’t heal either. So that made me anxious and went to practice, at that time I was able to do light activities even though I was easily tired and had a fever. When in practice, the doctor said I had typhus, and was advised to do a medical check-up to make sure, then I went straight to Prodia. after the results came out, apparently my blood was normal, but the salmonella typhi immunoserology was positive 8. so the doctor advised me to be hospitalized. when I woke up I felt strange like the right chest area was a little more protruding than envious, and the spleen area also seemed to protrude, then I was hospitalized in the hospital for 4 days. Now it’s been 4 days since I was discharged from the hospital, I still have a fever, but my body is quite capable of light activities, but what I want to ask is the area of ​​my liver and spleen is still a bit prominent, is it dangerous or is it normal? btw I haven’t been taking medication for the past 4 weeks until now. and please give me tips so I can get back fit quickly

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From the information you conveyed, if during the treatment you are undergoing at the hospital/control, you feel a protrusion of the chest and spleen, then the doctor who treats you will provide information on the abnormalities found and how you feel. And an enlarged spleen can't be seen, unless it's very large, so this is probably the perception you think.

In addition, at this time, you should have entered the healing period, because you have taken the medicine for 4 weeks since your hospitalization, it should be in 2 weeks, your condition has recovered and is healthy. Therefore, it is necessary for you to evaluate the activities, sleep, rest, and the food you consume to help recovery.

The existence of a long physical recovery, may be caused by:

1. sleep late


3. consuming spicy food, noodles, meatballs, fried rice, pecel, coffee, soda, ready-to-eat food

4. less water intake

5. need for calories or food that is less balanced

6. Fatigue at work or activity

7. rest time that is not balanced with your activities

8. late to eat

9. Lack of light to moderate exercise to restore stamina

However, all of this needs to be evaluated directly by the doctor who treats you, especially if you still feel uncomfortable with your physical condition. The doctor will conduct an examination and evaluate your current condition.

With an in-person examination, the doctor can provide advice and information for your physical recovery.

That's the information we can convey, read also the discussion.

dr. Ulfi

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