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day .. I was sick with typhoid symptoms, now it’s hard to sleep at night and even in the afternoon it’s hard … my stomach hurts and bloated. but I already took antibiotics from the doctor. whether these symptoms will improve. thanks?

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Typhus fever is a Salmonella bacterial infection that spreads easily through water and contaminated food. In addition to high fever as the main symptom, other accompanying symptoms include abdominal pain, headaches, and decreased appetite. Complaints of abdominal pain experienced by about 35-40% of patients because of the focus of the infection that does attack the small intestinal mucosa.

Typhoid fever is treated with antibiotics to eradicate germs in the lower gastrointestinal tract. Without adequate treatment typhoid fever can cause serious complications, such as gastrointestinal bleeding or intestinal rupture. Symptoms such as black bowel movements, vomiting of blood, severe abdominal pain, to loss of consciousness.

However, with adequate treatment most patients will experience improvement within 3-5 days after taking the drug. Almost all sufferers can recover completely after receiving full treatment.

Do not hesitate to consult the symptoms that you experience if it is felt to be burdensome so that it can be evaluated by a doctor.

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