Typhus Recovery Period?

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Noon..I am a mother who has a toddler aged 2 years. My child has just experienced typhoid symptoms and fever for 3 days, now the fever has improved. What I want to ask, after the recovery period of Dr. Typhus, my child’s body is always sweating. Is this normal or not?

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Typhus or in medical language known as typhoid fever is an infection caused by bacteria called Salmonella Typhii. Transmission of this disease occurs from ingestion of food or drinks contaminated with these bacteria. The symptoms of typhoid fever are as follows:

Fever. In general, fever in typhus increases every day, especially at night. Loss of appetite. Abdominal pain. Diarrhea can occur in children. Headaches and muscle aches Rashes appear on the skin. Can be accompanied by sweating. Sometimes there are symptoms of cough. Previously, did blood tests to determine the presence or absence of typhus in your child? To ascertain whether your child's condition is infected with typhoid or other medical conditions, it is best to do a consultation and direct examination by a doctor. To determine a definite diagnosis of typhus, blood tests will be carried out to assess whether there is a positive immune response against the infection. Typhus treatment is done by giving antibiotics and in children is the prevention of dehydration, especially if the child continues to have fever and diarrhea occurs.

That's all I can say, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Tiwi

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