Typhus Treatment At Home?

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I often feel fever, fatigue, lemes, dizziness, sometimes I feel defecated sometimes I have been tested positive for typhus but my family does not allow me to be treated, what should I do? I have been sick often even many times feel like this.

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before if you have done laboratory tests and have positive typhus and have been examined by a doctor, you have indeed been diagnosed with typhus. where typhoid or typhoid fever is a disease that occurs due to bacterial infections of Salmonella which spreads through contaminated food and drink.

and for the treatment of typhus depends on the condition and the severity of the symptoms that you experience. if the doctor recommends to be treated, you should do the treatment but it's all back with you and your family.

Your type of care should be treated at the hospital, if:

 Your symptoms worsen, such as vomiting, diarrhea, and swelling in the abdomen. Typhus patients are still children or toddlers. The typhus attack actually develops into complications of typhus in the digestive system, in the form of internal bleeding and perforation that spreads to the surrounding tissues. Treatment of actual tipes can be done both at home and in the hospital. The most important thing is that typing treatment can give you a truly complete rest for several weeks until your condition heals as a whole, because the symptoms caused by typhus generally will make you really feel weak. In addition to total rest, you should also be able to ensure the levels adequate fluid content in your body, and the cleanliness and nutrition of the food and drinks you consume are maintained. Remember, the cause of your typhus is unclean food and drinks, and you can transmit the bacteria to the people around you. In addition, diseases caused by bacterial attacks will usually be treated with antibiotics. If your type of treatment is carried out in a hospital, the treatment you will receive will usually be in the form of antibiotic injections and the insertion of nutrients and fluids into your body through an IV needle. Meanwhile, if you treat your typhus at home, antibiotics will be administered by mouth (oral).

There are several things you can do:

 stay at home rest enough to consume drugs from the doctor until they run out and how to regularly multiply the consumption of water, do not reach the lack of fluid consumption of nutritious and juicy food often do hand washing with soap you need to remember if the complaints you experience are getting worse immediately to the doctor back or home closest pain. treatment at home you recover faster than at home.

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