Typus Reference Value

Illustration of Typus Reference Value
Illustration: Typus Reference Value

Doc … My typus is 1/640 for O and H. Do I have to be hospitalized? If yes, with the reference value, will BPJS cover?

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Basically the decision to hospitalize typhoid fever patients is not based on the results of widal laboratory examinations. Widal examination does not indicate the severity of the disease and cannot be used to determine the patient's prognosis or likelihood of recovery.

The results of your widal examination (O and H 1/640) can indeed be used to diagnose you have typhoid fever if indeed you have symptoms that support. But again, this examination does not indicate whether your illness is severe or not, and the decision to stay in the hands of doctors who examine your clinical condition directly. If the doctor sees that your general condition is not very good (for example your fever is very high, you experience severe vomiting accompanied by signs of dehydration, you have difficulty eating, there are other signs of typhoid fever complications), then the doctor will advise you to be hospitalized. If in general your clinical condition is still good, the doctor can still send you home and recommend that you only do outpatient care and control to the clinic until your condition is good.

Regarding whether BPJS will cover your medical expenses, you should ask directly to the administration of the clinic / hospital where you are examined. In general, if you follow the correct BPJS inspection rules, the BPJS will cover your treatment costs (both outpatient and inpatient).

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