Udun In The Groin (boils)?

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Hello, HealthReplies.com. N You used to eat chicken eggs 3 times a day for 2 days or 3 days in a row because I was lazy to cook side dishes. Parents are busy. Then udun / boils appear in the groin. First, it’s just a regular pimple, it doesn’t really hurt, it hurts for a long time until walking is also difficult. The peak is I can only lie down. Because if you walk it really hurts. I had a fever for 3 days but finally one night the udun broke after being routinely applied the ointment which I forgot the name of. But his eyes (there were eyes because of udun / boils so big) I didn’t come out because they hurt so badly. Blood everywhere. My mother said that the eye should be removed so that the roots are gone. Is not it? nTrs what cause do you think my udun / ulcers are? The problem is that until now, if you eat eggs more than 2 times a week there will be boils. But if you eat eggs, you can control it. Is it because I am allergic to eggs? Please enlighten me. I am afraid it will affect the physical examination on the job entry test. thanks.

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