Ulcers For Babies Aged 35 Days?

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, how to treat boils in infants in the buttocks area near the anal canal? when you poop the baby cry A boil hasn’t broken yet. Still chewy. What medicine / ointment can the mother take pain medication? Thank you

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Boils around the anus that contain pus may indicate infection. This infection can occur only on the surface of the skin, in the skin (fat and muscle layers) even to involve the deeper mucous anus / intestine, which is generally caused by bacterial infections in the form of boils, folliculitis, abscesses, erysipelas, etc. But there are also other possibilities if these boils repeatedly recur and do not heal, including:

Fungal, viral, parasitic infections

Anal fistula, which is a congenital abnormality in which there is an abnormal channel that connects the anus or rectum (the lower intestine that connects with the anus) with the outer skin, dirt may come out through the skin, or may not (depending on the depth of the tip of the fistula)

Contact dermatitis with secondary infections (one of which is due to inappropriate use of diapers) (diaper rash)

It is recommended to immediately bring the child to the doctor. The doctor will examine the child, and if judged there are indications will give ointments containing antibiotics and anti-inflammatory, as well as oral medication to reduce pain. You can give your child paracetamol according to the rules of use to temporarily reduce pain before seeing a doctor; do not forget to keep the child's cleanliness, bathe the child with a soft baby soap, avoid using diapers for too long (you should use cloth pants only so that the skin around the anus is not moist). If ulcers always recur, it never hurts to consult with a pediatrician or surgeon for further examination (one of them is a photo examination with contrast) so that it can be treated immediately.

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