Ulcers That Never Heal.?

Illustration of Ulcers That Never Heal.?
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Hello, at first there was a bump above my eyebrow but it got more and more here until it covered my eyes to see. I want to ask for advice on how to make the right treatment so that I can do school activities and daily activities?

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Pustules or boils on the skin are lumps that form on the surface of the skin that contains pus caused by bacterial infections in the skin. Ulcers can arise due to poor hygiene and wound care resulting in infection. Boils can appear in any part of the body.

The initial symptoms are shaped like small, itchy nodules, which can contain fluid or pus with a reddish base and periphery. This complaint can expand into swelling accompanied by pain. Bintil then ruptures and becomes dry / scab.
Staphylococcus type bacterial infections are the organisms that most often cause ulcers on the skin. Ulcers form due to bacteria that enter through the hair follicle or through the skin that is not intact, for example due to minor injuries or scratching.

Handling small boils can be done at home using warm compresses to help reduce boils and clean wound care. If the abnormality is not widespread, the doctor can give topical antibiotic therapy (topical). Do not try to prick the rotten with an unsterile device because it can cause an increasingly severe infection.

If the boil enlarges and forms an abscess a drainage action is needed or the sterile discharge is carried out by a doctor. This is absolutely done because it aims to limit germs to completion so that the infection heals faster.

To prevent the recurrence of these conditions, it must maintain personal hygiene and the environment and if you have open wounds, do good wound care so as not to be contaminated with germs from the outside, as well as good nutrition, rich in protein to support the wound healing process. Carry out further consultations with your doctor for further evaluation and treatment plans.

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