Ultrasound Every Month In The First Trimester Of Pregnancy?

Night r nI want to ask … r nI am 3 months pregnant, in the first and second months I went to see a gynecologist and the ultrasound continued r n r nWell in the 2nd month yesterday I had an ultrasound, But only the pouch is pregnant, the fetus is not clear yet r n r nWell this month I intend to go to the doctor again for an ultrasound and hear her heartbeat r n r nIs it okay to do an ultrasound every month at This first trimester? r n How does it affect the fetus? r n r nThank you …

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In general, through an abdominal ultrasound examination (abdominal ultrasound), the fetus and the fetal heartbeat will only be clearly seen or heard when the gestational age is more than 8 weeks. This is because, at the age of less than 8 weeks the size of the fetus is still very small, making it more difficult to detect.

Therefore, the right step to ensure pregnancy and also evaluate the health of your womb is indeed done by conducting periodic ultrasound examinations to an obstetrician. This examination is recommended to be carried out every 1 month at 0 to 7 months of gestation, 2 weeks at 8 months of gestation, and 1 week from 36 weeks of gestation until it is time for your delivery later.

Ultra sound waves emitted from ultrasound devices have been proven safe for both mother and fetus in the womb. Therefore, regular ultrasound examinations are not dangerous for you to do. Through this ultrasound examination, you can more easily find out your gestational age, monitor the development of the fetus in your womb, evaluate the possible defects that your fetus is experiencing, and also assess possible complications of later labor, for example knowing the location of the placenta, fetus number, fetal position, etc.

Therefore, there is no need to worry, OK .. Have your uterus regularly checked by an obstetrician. In addition, take care of your womb by always living a healthy lifestyle, starting from consuming balanced nutritious foods, taking regular breaks, doing light exercise, not stressing, and also staying away from cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol.

Effects of ultrasound on pregnancy

Pregnancy test

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