Ultrasound Examination Results 31 Weeks Of Pregnancy?

Afternoon. Yesterday I was ultrasound. Age of my womb 31w BPD: 8.05cmAC: 30.07cmEFW: 2.266gFl: 6.09cm That is normal or not ?? Thank you.

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Good evening, thanks for the question
There are four examination points on USG that are commonly used by doctors to estimate fetal weight, namely:
1. HC: head circumference, head circumference
2. BPD: biparietal diameter, the distance between the sides of the fetal head
3. AC: abdominal circumference, abdominal circumference is an important gasket because it is classified as the most accurately describing the size of the fetus
4. FL: femur lenght, the length of the femur which is the longest bone
The four measurements are then calculated to calculate the estimated fetal weight. At the examination the results are in accordance with your current pregnancy. Do ante natal checks at least twice in this third trimester of pregnancy. If there are signs of childbirth such as water coming out of the birth canal, spots or bleeding, regular heartburn, then immediately go to a doctor or midwife.
That's all, hope you can help. Wassalam.

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