Ultrasound Radiology

Illustration of Ultrasound Radiology
Illustration: Ultrasound Radiology

assalamualaikum doc, would you like to ask for an ultrasound indication in radiology? besides the doctor’s obgyn indication … thanks doc

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Hello Della, Thank you for the question.

Ultrasonography (USG) is one of the investigations that aims to help doctors make a diagnosis of the disease. This examination uses sound waves that are emitted into the internal organs to be seen. This wave will be reflected back by the person which is then captured by the ultrasound device and converted into an image. An ultrasound examination can be done after the doctor conducts an interview and physical examination on someone who has certain medical complaints. An ultrasound examination can be performed on someone who has:

breast lump
abdominal pain or injury to the stomach
bleeding from the vagina

For a symptom similar to, for example, an upset stomach, an ultrasound examination recommended by a doctor may not necessarily be the same depending on which direction the disease is suspected; for example, for an abdominal pain, a doctor may recommend an abdominal or obstetric ultrasound. But, of course not all abdominal pain will be done by ultrasound examination.

Therefore, before conducting an ultrasound, a person is recommended to consult with a doctor so that interviews and physical examinations can be done before the doctor determines what investigations are appropriate to do next to help diagnose and determine further treatment.

I hope this helps.

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