Ultrasound Results At 35 Weeks’ Gestation?

Illustration of Ultrasound Results At 35 Weeks’ Gestation?
Illustration: Ultrasound Results At 35 Weeks’ Gestation? mjdrdypu.org

, want to ask the results of my ultrasound in the first pregnancy 35weeks showing AC 270.2 mm, GA 31w 0d, EDD 05-21-2019, but BPD 91.61mm, GA 37w1D, EDD 04-04-2019, bbj 2135.26 gr. Normal? Please enlighten me🙏

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Hello Mustatik,

Ultrasound is one of the examinations performed during bankruptcy control. With an ultrasound the doctor can check the condition of the fetus including estimated fetal weight, fetal size, fetal heart rate, amniotic fluid, placenta, umbilical cord, sex, and screening for fetal abnormalities.

Actually the terms or measurements in ultrasound are intended for doctors so that doctors can draw conclusions about the condition of the fetus. Conclusion is the condition of the fetus that is generally conveyed to the pregnant woman, for example the estimated fetal weight, gestational age, estimated delivery, fetal position, fetal sex when it appears, and the presence or absence of abnormalities or special conditions in the fetus.

AC is the fetal abdominal circumference, GA is the gestational age, EDD is the estimated day of delivery / HPL, BPD is the diameter of the head, and BBJ is an estimated fetal weight. In general, for a 35-week gestational age the normal fetal weight is around 2250-2750 grams.

I suggest that you discuss again with your obstetrician about the results of your ultrasound examination yes. The doctor will assess the results of measurements in the ultrasound and then conclude and convey to you. If the fetus weighs less, the doctor will provide a step option that can be done so that the fetus's weight becomes normal according to his age.

Meanwhile you should still meet the nutritional needs during pregnancy by consuming healthy and nutritious food, adequate rest, adequate fluid needs during pregnancy, and routine control with the obstetrician according to the schedule provided, yes.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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