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1.BPD 8.95cm n GA 36w2d n EDD 05/09/2018 n2.AC 29.49cm n GA 33w3d n EDD 25/09/2018 n EFW2 2483g n Range 1981g-2984g n GA 34w3d n EDD 18/09/2018 n EFW 2483g n Range 1981g-2984g n GA 34W3d n EDD 18/09/2018 n

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Hello Ogenk,

Ultrasound can be done to see the condition of the fetus, fetal heart rate, placenta, amniotic fluid, umbilical cord, and sex of the fetus. The values ​​contained in the ultrasound results are intended for doctors because the doctor will evaluate these values ​​and then deduce the condition of the fetus.

BPD / biparietal diameter is the diameter of the head, AC / abdominal circumference is the circumference of the stomach, GA / gestational age is the gestational age, EDD / estimated date of delivery is the estimated date of delivery (HPL), EFW / estimated fetal weight is the estimated fetal weight (TBJ) .

From the information you convey, data 1 is obtained for the estimated age of 36 weeks of gestation with HPL on September 5. Whereas data 2 is estimated at 33 weeks of gestation with HPL 25 September and TBJ 2483 grams (from your information TBJ is still within normal limits). For data 3, gestational age 34 weeks, with HPL 18 September and TBJ 2483 grams (still within normal limits). And data on 4 gestational age 34 weeks with HPL 18 September.

Did the ultrasound results come from 1 pregnant woman at one examination? Is there any data that is not included? Probably the 3rd and 4th data come from other measurements such as head circumference (HC), and femur length (FL).

The gynecologist reads the measurements again and summarizes them. Usually the doctor will tell pregnant women about gestational age, TBJ, and HPL. In addition, the doctor will also look at the heart rate and detect whether there are certain abnormalities in the fetus for pregnant women.

Therefore I suggest that you bring the ultrasound results to the obstetrician who did the ultrasound so that they can be read again and the doctor can explain in more detail.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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