Umbilical Cord?

Illustration of Umbilical Cord?
Illustration: Umbilical Cord?

The end of the umbilical cord is dry but how come the base is wet ..

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The umbilical cord serves to provide oxygen and nutrients to the baby while in the womb. After birth, the umbilical cord is no longer functioning and will fall off by itself in 1-3 weeks. A wet base can be caused by various things, from poor drying after washing the baby, bleeding, to infection of the umbilical cord. A little bleeding is fine for the baby, but if it lasts for more than 3 days, it's best if you bring your child to the doctor. In infection, yellowish or cloudy discharge accompanied by an unpleasant odor. In addition, the area around the umbilical cord will also be reddish and sometimes accompanied by fever. The baby will also cry when the area is touched because it is painful. You should immediately take your child to a general practitioner or pediatrician if these things happen. Do not massage the child or give any medicine to the child.

For umbilical cord care, make sure the umbilical cord is always clean and dry. The umbilical cord should be cleaned with baby soap and water when the baby is bathed. Make sure you wash your hands with soap before and after touching the baby's cord. Dry the umbilical cord after the baby is bathed by gently patting the umbilical cord using a clean, dry cloth. Keep the umbilical cord dry by making sure the diaper is always folded under the cord. If you have carried out these methods, but the umbilical cord is still wet, you should take your child to the doctor for examination. You should also take your child to the doctor if the cord doesn't come off after 6 weeks of age.

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