Unbearable Dizziness?

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amualaikum,rnI’m Meidiana, it’s been more than a year I have experienced dizziness which is said to be frequent. And surprisingly the dizziness came suddenly and the pain was excruciating.rnA month ago I was ordered to see a doctor… by my doctor, he was diagnosed with chronic cephalgia.. but The doctor also suggested to do a CT scan, and the result of the radiology department’s diagnosis was that I had encephalitis and brain swelling.rnBut the neurologist did not agree with the diagnosis of encephalitis. Why is there a difference between the radiology department and the doctor?rnEven though I’ve never had an accident, fall, or raise any animals..rnWhat’s the solution from the doctor?rnThank you in advance…I’m asking for an answer.. .

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From the information you conveyed, you should be able to directly discuss with your neurologist because any radiology results need to be confirmed by clinical conditions. Your clinical condition is well understood by your neurologist, so your neurologist has reason not to take this diagnosis of encephalitis.

However, in general, patients with encephalitis will have several symptoms and signs such as:

1. headache

2. fever

3. muscle pain

4. weak body

5. hallucination

6. convulsions

7. Sensory and motor paralysis or disability

8. speech disorder

9. impaired consciousness

Because your main complaint may be a headache, this needs further observation and further identification to support the direction of encephalitis.

However, it is necessary for you and your doctor to discuss in detail regarding this complaint. So you also know your doctor's plans and other emergency conditions that need to be known to get an in-person examination.

That's the information we can convey, read also encephalitis.


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