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Good evening, I am a teenager aged 17 years, 2 days, the bottom of my breast aches, aches and tightness every time after breaking the fast, before I also have stomach acid disease, is that related to the bottom of my sore breast? Please answer. Thank you

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There may be complaints of pain in the area below your breast caused by tension in your chest muscles. When you press the area under your breast, and complaints of tenderness appear, then the complaint of pain is often caused by tension in your chest muscles. In addition to complaints of pain under the breast, other complaints can also accompany, such as abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, or certain movements increase pain complaints. A history of stress, physical fatigue and lack of sleep can trigger complaints that you feel.

However, this needs to be evaluated whether there is a connection with your history of stomach upset complaints. If you currently have a stomach problem, then complaints of pain at the bottom of the breast can also be aggravated by this stomach upset. Because this stomach upset will cause stomach muscles in the area around your stomach to also be tense or painful.

Complaints of this pain, in addition to being caused by chest muscle tension and stomach disorders, can also be triggered by other conditions, severti:

1. a long cough

2. heart problems

3. respiratory system disorders, such as lung infections

4. spinal cord injury

5. spinal cord compression

6. disorders of the breast tissue, such as breast tissue infections, benign breast tumors

To ascertain the cause of this complaint, it needs to be confirmed directly by your family doctor, surgeon or internist. So, you should consult with your doctor directly to get a direct examination and plan the necessary investigations, such as blood tests, breast ultrasound, or radiological examination. The results of the examination will be a reference for doctors to provide care and treatment.

For now, you should be able to stretch your chest muscles, spinal muscles and abdominal muscles so that they are more relaxed and reduce pain complaints. Giving warm water compresses on the area of ​​pain will also help reduce this complaint. In addition, avoid sleeping late and avoid physical fatigue.

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