Underarm Irritation From Pus?

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Hello. First of all I introduce myself Hesty sekarwati age 17 years old, body weight 54 cm 159cm, I complained of irritation in the left armpit sometimes the right armpit, pus out sometimes thick and runny, sometimes recur sometimes sometimes healed only for a short time, it hurts I once check three times one time referral age check reference 15 years I was sent to the polyclinic first, I checked in the hospital in my area of ​​Brebes, the doctor said the possibility of tuberculosis therefore ordered a blood test, the results were normal No tubing, give a blood test to the doctor he said I was just irritated with antibiotics which were 5 thousand caplets and rivanol drug wound, udh three months I took antibiotics and cleansed with rivanol healed and I did not take any more antibiotics, today on March 24, 2020 recurred again and was very sick pus out I pressed it because I had clotted the swollen small wound to discharge the pus, was told not to use deodorant again and shaved the fur armpit, I just cut with scissors every long armpit book, but there are times when cutting the hair is pulled out and irritating again and again, if you see my armpit hair growth too fast. Please tell me what should I do my hands free GK pressed or stretched will be very it hurts, so I become lazy to exercise at hand. Thank you and hope someone responds

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Hello Hesti,

Thank you for the question.

Pulling armpit hair can indeed cause irritation. Not only that, irritation in the armpit skin can also be triggered by the use of tight clothing, obesity, excessive scratching of the armpits, improper use of deodorant, and so on. However, if it's just an irritation, your armpit skin shouldn't necessarily become festering as you mentioned.

Most likely, if in addition to sore, painful, swollen, and runny, your armpits also produce thick pus, then you also have an infection, it could be due to bacteria, fungi, viruses, and even parasites. This infection is closely related to poor personal hygiene, weak immune system, also contact with other skin infection sufferers. Inflammation of the lymph nodes (lymphadenitis), such as from tuberculosis, can also be infected secondary to become suppurating as you experience it.

If indeed complaints are often repeated and very disturbing to you, this condition should be checked back to the doctor or dermatologist huh ... Worried, this infection is more widespread or even spread to people around you if not treated immediately. Blood tests, biopsy of breast tissue, ultrasound, and other supporting tests can also be done by a doctor to be able to handle you properly.

At home, you can first make the following efforts:

Take a diligent bath and clean your armpits well
Wear loose, clean and soft clothing
Be diligent in washing your hands and trim your nails regularly, do not hold your armpits except with washed hands
Do not force out armpit hair or do underarm skin care carelessly, simply shorten the hair by shaving (do it carefully so that it is not pulled)
Warm compresses on your aching armpits or taking paracetamol to improve pain
If liquid or pus comes out of your armpit skin, clean it using sterile gauze moistened with IV fluids
Do not carelessly exchange clothes or towels with other people

Hope this helps ...

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