Understanding Nerve Pinchers.?

Illustration of Understanding Nerve Pinchers.?
Illustration: Understanding Nerve Pinchers.? creeksidechiro.com

In the afternoon, I want to ask why my mother is not strong enough to stand long, thighs aching, aching, rheumatic pain and tingling, what is the disease and how to overcome it? Thank you…

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Hello Wiwit, thank you for asking.

How long has the condition lasted? Is pain also felt in the back, buttocks, and pelvis? Based on the description you wrote, it is also possible that a nucleus pulposus hernia (HNP) occurs. In these conditions damage to the structure of the spine so that some nerves are stressed. Symptoms depend on the location of nerve compression. Generally the symptoms are in the form of low back or back pain, pain and stiffness in the muscles starting from the waist, buttocks, pelvis, thighs, calves to the legs. Can also be accompanied by tingling, numbness, loss of balance, and difficulty in movement. The causes are varied, can occur due to work, bad posture, injury, or degenerative (due to age).

Other possibilities that can occur are:

Spinal infections that cause damage, for example spinal tuberculosis.
Inflammation in the spine, for example osteoarthritis.
Piriformis syndrome.
Muscle injury and inflammation.

Considering the many possible diagnoses, your mother should consult a neurologist. The doctor may encourage your mother to take an x-ray, CT scan or MRI. The doctor can also refer to an orthopedic doctor if deemed necessary.

You can help your mother by helping her stretch the back muscles, buttocks, and legs. Do light stretches at least 3 times a day. Warm compresses on the affected area. Apply topical analgesics that are labeled green. Make sure the mattress is at the right hardness, so the spine does not bend when lying down. After the diagnosis is found, if there is indeed a problem in the spine, the doctor may prescribe analgesic, anti-inflammatory drugs, and recommend routine physiotherapy. Not all spinal conditions require surgery, so it's best not to worry too much first.

Hope this answer helps you. Regards.

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