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Hello. Good night. I want to ask. I am 14 years old. My back is not the same, more prominent right. I used to have an accident when jumping into a swimming pool and broke my left hand (the top of my elbow). I often hold my left hand because of pain. I often tilt to hold the pain. After I recovered, after a while my family realized that my left back was smaller (flat) than my right back. I think it’s nothing. But for a long time my right back was getting more prominent, and sometimes it hurt. Please the solution, what effort should I do to reduce the bulge on my right back?

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Hello Rizky, thank you for asking.

Back deformity as you experience it may be influenced by an abnormal spinal shape. The spine is in normal conditions, when assessed from the back it will be seen as a straight line, not tilted to the right or left. Judging from the side, the normal spine will have several curves in each segment. Spinal segments are cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral. The assessment of the alignment and curvature of the spine can only be done by radiological examination that is an x-ray, CT-scan, or MRI.

In some conditions, spinal deformities can occur, namely:

Scoliosis, the backbone is bent right or left.
Kyphosis, the backbone is too curved backward.
Lordosis, the backbone is too curved forward.

Radiological examination can also look for an infection or inflammation in the spine, such as spondylosis or gibus. Abnormalities in the spine can cause an abnormal back or chest shape. Can also cause pain, muscle stiffness, tingling, numbness, and shortness of breath. Complaints will be more obvious with increasingly severe bone abnormalities.

Consult this with an orthopedic doctor. After conducting various examinations, the doctor will determine the action for you. The doctor may recommend physiotherapy, the use of special braces, or surgery as a last resort.

Try to practice to improve your posture when sitting, standing, and doing activities. Try to lie on a mattress that is hard enough so that the spine is not curved. Do sports to increase back muscle strength.

Thus the information from me, hopefully you soon find the right answer. Regards.

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