Uneven Mustache?

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Good morning I want to ask, I often shave my mustache but why now my mustache grows irregularly and looks thick, please explain, thank you

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The process of shaving the mustache with a razor will make the cut in the mustache hair occur not from the root but at the tip of the skin so that the shape of the hair that grows next will feel coarser and thicker.

In addition, the hair growth process is certainly not the same which will cause the growth of mustache hairs to be uneven.

The process of shaving will also stimulate hair to grow coarser and thicker than before the first shave.

To reduce unpleasant conditions you can do:

Shave regularly.
Doing waxing, usually with this method the hair will grow smoother and not as thick as shaving.
Depilatories, using a special cream.

I hope this helps.

dr. Yusi

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