Unwed Pregnancy

Illustration of Unwed Pregnancy
Illustration: Unwed Pregnancy

Why do people who are raped and become pregnant out of wedlock get pregnant right now doc? Or is it because the letting of cells from women and men is processed?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. In the medical world, it really isn't always like that. There is no scientific connection that women who are raped or have sex outside of marriage will be easier to get pregnant than those who are legally related.

A more acceptable explanation is that it is more psychological, because for those who have sex outside of marriage or are raped, they expect more pregnancy to occur, so their worries direct their attention to pregnancy outside marriage and cause more cases. Conversely, for those who are married, their concerns are more directed at legitimate couples who have difficulty getting a baby, so they are not pregnant within the first 3 months of marriage are already panicked. Whereas medically, they don't even have children until 11 months of marriage are also not called barren.

Psychic conditions and coupled with the wrong general assumptions, create opinions as you submit them. However, if recorded, the percentage of pregnancy will be the same whether it is a legal partner or not. There are still women who have sex outside of marriage who don't get pregnant, and that's not a little. Still, the prerequisite for pregnancy is the fertilization of an egg cell by sperm cells, and the result of fertilization is able to survive in the uterus. If treatment occurs, regardless of whether the status is married or not, pregnancy will still occur. So, hopefully answering your question.

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