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hello doctor i want to ask my child aged 6_10 months already a few days his body heat down and hot again at night.

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Hello Keinz,

Thank you for the question.

Up and down fever in children can occur due to many factors. Some of the most common are:

Viral or bacterial infections, such as dengue fever, ARI, typhoid fever, urinary tract infections
Immunization side effects
Inflammatory disorders, such as rheumatic fever, lupus
Other factors, such as thyroid gland disorders, drug side effects, heat stroke, metabolic disorders, malignancy, and so on

These conditions are not all dangerous. If a new fever appears 1-3 days, without any other more severe complaints, such as skin rashes, tightness, vomiting, diarrhea or massive vomiting, seizures, stiff neck, etc., you can first resolve the complaint by:

Give the child paracetamol according to the recommended dosage
Compress warm neck and armpits
Give children plenty to drink, and eat nutritiously balanced
Let your child get plenty of rest at home
Give her clothes that are comfortable and absorb sweat
Don't give children any other medicines without doctor's advice
Improve children's personal hygiene and the surrounding environment

Conversely, if the fever has occurred more than 3 days, or other danger signs appear as mentioned above, you should check your child directly to the nearest doctor. If necessary, the doctor will recommend that your child undergo a blood test or other supporting tests, and even refer him to a pediatrician for further treatment.

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