Up And Down Fever In Children Accompanied By Diarrhea And No Appetite?

Illustration of Up And Down Fever In Children Accompanied By Diarrhea And No Appetite?
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my child is 1 year 4 months, it’s been 4 days my child is sick, the symptoms are fever up and down, diarrhea continues, won’t eat, if you eat directly vomit, white tongue, weight decreases, fussy really, I think teething, but the teeth seem like already full, already under the doctor k there is no solution, the drug is given, but there is no explanation about the disease of the child ,, said the doctor was told to just eat and drink, but the little one I don’t want to eat, what do I do ,, plis pliss

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fever is a normal mechanism when the body wants to fight foreign objects such as bacteria and viruses. For this reason, not always a sick child with fever is immediately taken to the doctor or given a fever-lowering medication. If the child has only a low-grade fever and still looks active and wants to drink enough water, handling the fever should be done at home. For example, by providing comfort as needed by children. More than 70 percent of fever occurrences in children are caused by viral infections which most will heal by themselves in 3-7 days without special handling. In addition, fever is also not a bad thing. In fact, fever actually plays an important role in dealing with infections.

However, if a child's fever goes up and down and doesn't heal, you need to be aware of other causes:

  typhus: One of the causes of fever up and down is typhus. The cause of typhus is Salmonella bacteria. Usually patients will feel unwell for 7-14 days after being infected with bacteria. Other symptoms that will also appear are abdominal pain, diarrhea or difficult bowel movements, weakness, and high fever up to 39-40 ° Celsius. The pattern of fever due to typhus cannot be predicted because it goes up and down indefinitely. Sometimes, your child can have a fever during the day and normal in the afternoon or vice versa. dengue fever: The temperature during high fever in DB disease reaches 40 degrees Celsius or more. In addition to fever, other DB symptoms are red spots, headaches, joint or muscle aches, vomiting, nausea, fatigue, and chills. The cause of DB is dengue virus in the Aedes aegypti mosquito. viral infection: can occur because the child's environment is not clean, especially if he often plays on the floor. In addition to fever, viral infections can also cause coughs, colds, and diarrhea. Fever due to viral infections usually takes place as follows: days 1 and 2 high temperatures, days 3 and 4 days temperatures go down, then days 5 and 4 rise again. If the cause of a fever is due to a viral infection, the fever will usually heal on its own on the 6th day. You should better ensure your child's illness, you immediately bring to the pediatrician remembering your child's fever has been more than 3 days and accompanied by these symptoms, so that the doctor can do a direct examination with physical examination and additional checks such as blood checks, tubex tests detect typhus, photos rongen or ultrasound if necessary to ascertain the cause and the doctor can provide appropriate treatment according to the cause of your child's illness. if it is very urgent, the child looks very weak and dehydrated (fuss, sunken eyes, drink a little, pinch the skin back slowly, urinate a little), vomiting canal and diarrhea that continues to drain more than 3x a lot of water from pulp, you should immediately bring it to the nearest emergency room .

There are several things you can do

 continue breastfeeding and give water to drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration compress the forehead and between your child's armpits with warm water wash your hands with soap before giving children food and wash their hands after cleaning CHAPTER children still give children to eat a little but often this is the info we can give

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