Upper Abdominal Pain?

Illustration of Upper Abdominal Pain?
Illustration: Upper Abdominal Pain? Bing

I often feel pain in the middle and left upper abdomen, also feels hot and stomach sounds, I got the recipe for titan ranitidine, my stomach hurts to drink until I also cough, cough, a little flu, fever, my tongue is white in the middle of the red edges when in the morning it feels like it’s uncomfortable on the tongue Is my condition severe enough that I often have pain in my stomach and am often thirsty?

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Hello Faby

Complaints of pain in the solar plexus (upper stomach) area are most often caused by heartburn, stomach ulcers can also cause the tongue to taste bitter and tend to be thirsty, nauseated, and feel tight as a result of high stomach acid eventually rising into the esophagus and even the cavity. mouth. Even heartburn can also trigger a cough because the throat is inflamed due to the stomach acid.

Heartburn can be dangerous if not handled properly, because it can cause injury to the stomach (stomach ulcer), stomach ulcers can cause blood loss, a sign that you are aware of it because bleeding occurs in the upper digestive tract and when you defecate you will not see fresh blood coming out. but only in the form of CHAPTER that looks black.

However, what Faby experienced was not necessarily stomach ulcers or stomach ulcers, several other things such as food poisoning, digestive tract infections, prolonged coughs (thus making the stomach muscles continue to contract) and problems with the heart and lungs can also cause pain. in the upper abdominal area. So it's better if Faby checks with a doctor first so he can be sure what the cause of the complaint is. Treatment or treatment for different diseases, so it must be ascertained first what is the cause.

Faby can also try to reduce his complaints by consuming warm water with small meals that are neither sour nor spicy. Faby can also take antacid drugs for initial treatment. Then try to eat on time 3 times a day and don't just eat when you're hungry, then avoid coffee, spicy food, instant food and cigarettes as much as possible. Also try to sleep before late at night, the habit of staying up late tends to trigger the production of more stomach acid.

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