Upper Back Pain In Pregnant Women?

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Hello, I want to ask since I was pregnant why my upper back hurts so much that it penetrates the gut, so nausea and sometimes vomiting … even though I have no hard work. Now the pregnancy is 33 weeks

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Pregnancy that is more advanced, entering the 3rd trimester often causes several complaints, including:

pain in the back
pelvic pain
difficulty with certain movements such as walking for long periods, bending over, carrying light weights, changing positions from waking to sleep or sleeping to getting up or standing
difficulty finding a comfortable sleeping position
swollen foot

This happens because of several things including:

weight gain
The growth of the baby is getting bigger and the womb is getting bigger
changes in body posture in support of the stomach which increases in size and because it supports a changed posture
hormonal changes that occur

For complaints of heartburn and nausea and even vomiting, it can also be caused by holding back the pain that is felt great, or because the uterine pressure is getting higher, or because of other diseases such as stomach acid disease or gastritis. For this condition, you should conduct further examinations at an obstetrician so that you can find out the exact cause and can get the appropriate treatment. Because the nausea and vomiting can also affect the growth of the fetus or it can also stimulate contractions, so this needs to be treated. Some things that you need to pay attention to to overcome the complaints you experience include:

limit activities that are not really important
much rest
do movements for pregnant women such as yoga, etc.
avoid foods that are too spicy, sour, coconut milk, oily, coffee
multiply the consumption of vegetables and fruit
drink a lot of water
use comfortable footwear
warm compress the painful area
use a special abdominal support for pregnant women

following articles you can read abdominal support, back pain during pregnancy

hopefully useful, thank you

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