Upper Right Abdominal Pain In Pregnant Women?

Illustration of Upper Right Abdominal Pain In Pregnant Women?
Illustration: Upper Right Abdominal Pain In Pregnant Women? Bing

ok, I want to ask.ri Now I’m 9 months pregnant I often have upper right abdominal pain, the cramps come and go?rnWhy is that?rnThank you!

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Abdominal pain experienced during pregnancy needs to be watched out for.

There are several possible causes of abdominal pain, namely:

-The stomach is filled with gas that fills the digestive tract

-CHAPTER is not smooth / constipation

Increasing gestational age causes the uterus to enlarge which then causes muscle stretching which causes pain

- Abdominal muscle cramps

-The movement of the child in the womb

False contractions (Braxton Hicks) are often experienced in the third trimester of pregnancy before delivery

I suggest you consult about your complaint with a gynecologist to ensure this. The doctor will conduct an interview and physical examination, additional examinations such as an internal examination and an abdominal ultrasound examination to determine the exact cause of the complaints you feel.

You should immediately seek help to the emergency department if the following symptoms occur:

-stomach feels tight

- stomach pain that gets worse

-fever or chills

-shaded vision

-nausea and vomiting

-regular contractions before labor

- discharge of blood or amniotic fluid from the genitals,

-reduced fetal movement in the womb

Some suggestions that you can do at home:

-Sleep with left or right side, avoid supine position

-Do sports for pregnant women

-Eat healthy nutritious food

Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits that contain lots of fiber

-Avoid eating at once in large quantities, it's better to eat in small portions but often to prevent the stomach from feeling full

-Avoid consumption of acidic and spicy foods

-Drink at least 3 liters of water per day

-Avoid consumption of coffee, tea, soft drinks

- Get plenty of rest and limit strenuous physical activity

May be useful

Regards, dr. Natalia

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