Upper Right Thigh Aches After Falling From The Motor?

Illustration of Upper Right Thigh Aches After Falling From The Motor?
Illustration: Upper Right Thigh Aches After Falling From The Motor? mayoclinic.org

Good night. I want to ask me a month ago, then fell off the motor, then the right thigh, near the butt, it hurts, I give liniment, it’s better when the next day, and then I don’t give liniment, but when I sit after sitting long or sleeping, sometimes it feels a little it hurts a little but strangely enough when it is made into sports and standing or walking a long time instead it doesn’t hurt if it’s okay? thank you

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Hello, thank you for the question to HealthReplies.com

First of all, you should first explain, when you fell from the motor a month ago, what was your falling position? Did any part of your body hit hard? Have you seen a doctor after you fell?

Prolonged pain in the legs after an injury can be caused by:

injury to the spine (can occur fractures / cracks / fractures in the spine, magnification of the spinal joints, bleeding in the spine)
Injury to the bones in your pelvis or legs (fractures of your pelvis or femur)
injury to the joint between the pelvic bone and femur
injury to muscles and soft tissue around the pelvis and thigh
injury or pinching of the spinal cord

To be able to ascertain the cause of pain in your feet, you should do a doctor's examination so that you can do a physical examination directly on your feet. Your doctor will probably ask you to do tests such as x-rays, CT scans, or MRIs if you suspect a nerve injury in your spine. You can try to do the following things if the pain is not too disturbing:

improve your sitting position (note the sitting position and ergonomic work position)
improve your sleeping position, you should not sleep in an oblique position to one side, but try to sleep on your back on a sleeping pad that is hard enough
avoid lifting heavy objects for a while
compress your hip and hip area with warm compresses
gently massage the muscles around your spine, buttocks, and thighs

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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