Upset Without A Cause, Happy To Be Alone And Do Not Like Crowds?

Illustration of Upset Without A Cause, Happy To Be Alone And Do Not Like Crowds?
Illustration: Upset Without A Cause, Happy To Be Alone And Do Not Like Crowds?

Hello I want to ask for about one year or so, I often experience strange times, sometimes I suddenly feel very upset without cause or remember the past, suddenly I am just normal, I am more often alone than others, I really don’t like it the crowd, and also I really like to kill and torture animals slowly until I feel satisfied, please help to solve my problem thank you

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The condition you are experiencing leads to a psychological disorder, which is depression. Depression is a psychological disorder characterized by someone becoming depressed, ignorant, aloof, self-blame, feeling useless, losing interest in daily activities and even towards activities that were favored before. In severe conditions, a person who is experiencing depression will damage the environment, persecute animals, hurt others or even yourself. Depression is triggered by situations of excessive stress. Often experienced by someone who has a personality disorder, like a psychopath. Generally a person with a personality disorder has a history of past trauma, such as divorce from an elderly person, experiencing physical or sexual violence, often witnessing a parent's argument or being left behind by a loved one.
This condition cannot be underestimated, you should seek medical attention. Ask your family to accompany you to consult with a psychiatrist. Later, the psychiatrist will conduct medical interviews and related examinations. The doctor will give anti-depressant and other mental medications as needed. Your doctor will also provide behavioral therapy by changing your perspective to be positive towards the life you lead. Furthermore, it is expected to form positive attitudes and feelings in life.
In addition, you can do a number of things to relax your mind, namely by:
1. Join a yoga club.
2. Relaxing breathing regularly by taking deep breaths then exhaling slowly while closing eyes and imagining beautiful scenes with loved ones. This method is called hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy you can also live in certain hospitals.
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