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Doctor so I washed my clothes after a few weeks and then washed my clothes using my hands again, after washing I felt like the blood in my hands moved towards my palm and back of my hands and then felt hot in my hands, after 11 hours later I woke up from sleep because the pain is increasingly felt, now my hands are getting sicker from the elbow to the fingers of my fingers

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Hello Nihda Meiftah Farhani,

The pain that radiates to the hand - finger area can be caused by the following things:

 The ulnar nerve (which runs from the elbow to the finger area) is pinched. Also called Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. Factors causing: trauma in the elbow area, falling on the arm, repetitive movements bending and straightening the elbow, leaning for a long time with the support of the elbow Symptoms: pain or tingling that spreads from the elbow, forearm, to the little finger-ring finger the middle. Symptoms mainly appear when the elbow is bent. Patients often wake up at night because they feel numb - or a tingling sensation runs in their arms. Weakness of the hand to grasp Carpal tunnel syndrome Factors causing: repetitive use of the arms and wrists, the position of the hand to bend with extreme positions for a long time Symptoms: Tingling - numbness in the arms and hands especially the thumb-middle-index-finger and fingers sweet. Dropping items often when holding - hands feel weak. Just like cubital tunnel syndrome, symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome can worsen when the elbow is bent. Cervical radiculopathy Cause: disorders of the cervical spine, for example due to hernia nucleus pulposus Symptoms: Pain is electrocuted or like a pricking that spreads from the shoulder to the hands. Can be accompanied by a feeling of numbness or weakness of the arm muscles. To diagnose abnormalities that cause these complaints, further examination is needed by doctors and supporting examinations such as bone x-rays and MRI to see abnormalities in soft tissue including nerve clamps / swelling.

* For the time being due to the Covid-19 outbreak, it is recommended not to rush to a health facility if there is no medical emergency. If your arm complaints become heavy, accompanied by weakness in one arm or side of the body, difficulty moving fingers, please seek treatment directly at a health facility.

To reduce complaints of pain in the elbow-hand should do the following:

 Limit activities that involve repetitive movements using the elbow and wrist area. Do not bend the elbow during sleep or put it under the head / pillow during sleep. You can wrap the elbow with a thick towel to keep it from bending while sleeping. Avoid sitting up to support the chin that rests on the elbow. If necessary, you can take OTC pain relievers (commercially available). Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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