Urinary Recurrence Before Menstruation, Is It Dangerous?

Hello,. I am Dwi (26 years old). Last month the doctor gave me antibiotics to cure my urinary pain. This month the pain recurred plus the lower abdomen felt painful, lethargic and warm. Is this a recurrent infection, or pain before menstruation? Thank you…

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Hello Dwi, thank you for consulting us on HealthReplies.com.

The existence of fever and pain in the lower abdomen can be caused by various things, including:

 pain due to menstruation pelvic inflammatory disease urinary tract infections infections of the cervix Fever that occurs can indicate the condition of the body being dehydrated or is experiencing an infection due to bacteria or viruses, while pain in the lower abdomen and other accompanying symptoms are symptoms that arise due to infection or indeed due to interference with the female reproductive organs, or urinary tract organs. If you have experienced a history of UTI in the past, it is very possible for someone to experience repeated incidents / UTIs.

We cannot determine what your current condition is due to, so you should consult with your doctor directly for a complete examination, to determine whether there is indeed a recurrent urinary tract infection or because of other disorders. While all you have to do is:

 multiply water consumption at least 2L per day reduce the consumption of spicy and oily foods multiply the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables do not hold urine if you already want to urinate consumption of fever-lowering drugs if the fever feels high and makes you very weak Thus we can say, hopefully useful.

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