Urine Analysis Examination Results?

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Good evening, my name is jefry, I just wrote a urine lab test where the results are @epitel squamos the results are 1-2 * (abnormal) reference values ​​5-15 / lpb @ blood results + 1 @ erythrocytes results 3-5 * reference values ​​0 -1 / lpbMy question, @ how do I normalize the abnormal results @ is there any disease in my body that causes my lab results to be less good, thanks

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Hello, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com
In connection with the results of the urinalysis laboratory examination, the results must be matched with your clinical condition. Your clinical condition is known through medical interviews and physical examination by a doctor. For this reason, consult with your nearest doctor so that you can evaluate your clinical condition. Because only a direct doctor's examination can be known. If needed, the doctor will carry out further investigations such as abdominal X-ray and ultrasound of organs and urinary tract.
In general, based on your results, there are several conditions that can be related, including:
1. Urinary stones
2. Urinary tract infections
3. Urinary tumors
4. Pelvic Injury
The steps you can take next are:
1. Consume lots of water, which is at least 2 L a day.
2. Don't hold back BAK.
3. Maintain cleanliness of the genital organs by washing them 2 times a day and after every bowel and bladder.
4. Avoid using special soap or special fragrance for the genitals.
5. Immediately bring the results of the examination to consult with a doctor.
Thus hopefully useful.

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