Urine Contains Protein At 36 Weeks Pregnant?

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.. want to ask … I am pregnant for 36 weeks and 3 days … I just checked urine protein. and the result is positive 1, but my body is not swollen, my head is not dizzy and my blood pressure is 110/70 mmHg, because of what factors? thanks

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Under normal conditions, human urine does not contain protein, so if there is protein it is suspected that a health problem is going on. In pregnant women, the discovery of protein in urine lab results is associated with preeclampsia, which is a condition in which an increase in blood pressure during pregnancy can be accompanied by impaired kidney function, the kidneys themselves act as a filter for body fluids to be excreted / excreted from the human body. in healthy condition the protein will be filtered properly so that it will not be found in the urine. However, if there is a malfunction, the protein can escape the filtering process in the kidneys.

The condition of preeclampsia is a dangerous condition if it does not get proper treatment, because if it is allowed to continue, it can trigger eclampsia or seizures during pregnancy, this condition is very dangerous because it can threaten the life of pregnant women and the fetus they are carrying.

In addition to the condition of preeclampsia, protein in the urine can also occur if there is an infection in the urinary tract (UTI), besides that there is impaired kidney function that is not caused by preeclampsia also needs to be considered, such as kidney disorders due to the effects of drugs, poisoning, etc. .

For this reason, Unik is expected to consult this matter back to the obstetrician to ascertain what factors are the cause of protein in the urine. Because more information still needs to be extracted through medical questions and answers and medical examinations.

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