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Malem .. Tdi I check the urine is yellow .. Clarity is rather turbid … Ph 5.5 specific gravity 1030 … positive album 1. urobilinogen 1 unit of EU … positive flat epithelium 1. positive bacteria 1 … Approximately severe yeah, my urine test results … It’s been 10 days I have a stomach ache in the lower left … The doctor just said that I drink a lot of water .. Please give me an explanation, actually I’m sick … Thank you …

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Hello, good morning Karliawati ...

Previously, we need to say that in order to conclude the diagnosis of certain diseases, a thorough examination is needed that starts with questions and answers about complaints, direct physical examination, and supporting examinations (for example blood lab tests, urine, ultrasound, x-rays, and so on). So, the diagnosis and severity of a disease cannot be established only from the results of the lab examination, it must be combined with detailed information about complaints and the results of a direct physical examination. Therefore, we recommend that you consult the results of this lab examination to the doctor who previously examined you.

For normal urine examination results vary in each laboratory, depending on the reference used. But in general the results of urine that are considered normal are as follows:

yellowish or clear yellow color
specific gravity of 1,001 - 1,035
Urine pH 5.0 - 7.5
protein (albumin), glucose, bilirubin, bacteria, red blood cells, and negative ketones
white blood cells and epithelium can indeed be found normally in urine, but in low numbers

Thus an abnormality in your lab results occurs. The presence of bacteria and epithelium in the urine can indicate urinary tract infections. However, this condition can also occur due to errors when collecting urine (for example, do not wash the genital area first or do not use middle beam urine), or for other reasons such as containers / pots that collect unclean urine. The presence of protein in the urine can also indicate urinary tract infections, but this can also be found in patients with other conditions, such as kidney disease, although this condition usually requires further examination. Once again, we recommend that you consult the results of your lab to the doctor who examined you directly.

I hope this helps :)

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