Urine Formation Process?

Illustration of Urine Formation Process?
Illustration: Urine Formation Process? onlinebiologynotes.com

Greetings … how can urine leave the body … what is the internal organ that functions to excrete urine …

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The rest of the metabolism in the body will be released by the body in several ways, its function is to remove substances that are not needed by the body. This process is called excretion. Among them are: urine that is processed by the kidneys, sweat that is excreted through the skin pores, liver and large intestine.

For the urine formation process itself is carried out starting from the kidneys. In the kidneys, there are 3 stages, namely:

Filtration / filtering process
Reabsorption / reabsorption, in this process substances that are still needed by the body, such as electrolytes, protein, and salt are reabsorbed.
Tubular secretions

After these 3 processes occur, urine is formed, then urine will pass through the ureter (the channel that connects the kidney and bladder), then accommodated in the bladder, until finally excreted by the body through the urethra.

If you feel that there is a disturbance in urinating, such as pain when BAK, BAK feels hot, pain in the waist area, BAK is not smooth, or urine is mixed with blood, it's a good idea to see a doctor for an examination. Do not forget to meet the needs of daily water, keep the genital area clean to prevent urinary tract infections.

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