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Hello, I want to ask you lately that my urine smells weird like a sweet smell, and when urinating at the end of the process I often feel pain in the upper part of the vagina, the abdomen also brings me frequent pain and breast tenderness. And I urinate frequently … Thank you before.

Originally posted 2020-04-15 15:29:39.

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Hello Angel,

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The smell or color of urine can be influenced by diet and daily fluid intake. Sweet-smelling urine can be caused by various conditions including:

 Diabetes mellitus Maple Syrup urine disease Urinary tract infections, usually followed by pain during urination or after urination and pain in the stomach Metabolic ketoacidosis Dehydration Factors of certain drugs / supplements To find out the exact cause of the examination must be done starting from a medical interview, physical examination, and also additional checks needed such as blood sugar levels, urine tests, and so on. That way, treatment will be directed according to the possible definite cause.

For that you can do a few things now:

 Enough drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day Rest 7-8 hours a day Regular exercise Take care of your diet Keep your body clean especially after urinating Do not hold back urinating Washing the vagina from front to back Do not be hasty when adjusting urinating If it feels painful consumption pain relievers such as Paracetamol to relieve If symptoms persist or even aggravate immediately consult a doctor for subsequent treatment. In the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is better if symptoms can be resolved at home, but you should postpone seeing a doctor so you don't need to go outside. But if you have to see a doctor then use a mask if you have respiratory symptoms and avoid using public transportation.

That's all, hope it helps.

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