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Greetings ,, I have a complete urine test with the intention of knowing the condition of my kidney. The results of the test are as follows: 1. Urine specific gravity = u0026gt; results of 1.018 = u0026gt; reference value 1.015 – 1.0252. Urine ph = u0026gt; 7.0 results = u0026gt; reference value 4.8 – 7.43. Urine albumin protein = u0026gt; postal results 1 (25mg / dl) = u0026gt; negative reference value4. Urine Glucosa = u0026gt; negative results = u0026gt; negative reference value5. Urinary bilirubin = u0026gt; postal results 1 (1mg / dl) = u0026gt; negative reference value6. Urinary urrobilinogen = u0026gt; postal results 3 (8mg / dl) = u0026gt; normal reference value ( u0026lt; = 1mg / dl) However the result of protein albumin heading 1 (25mg / dl) while the reference value is negative, bilirubin, and urobilinogen do not match the reference value. ), is that a bad sign from my kidney? Please answer as much detail as possible, thank you ,,

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Hello Adit, thank you for the question.

Urinalysis is done by paying attention to the color of urine and assessment of urine composition. Normal urine color is bright yellow (clear yellow). Urine becomes clearer if enough water consumption. The urine is dark yellow or even brown like tea when people are dehydrated. The color of urine can also sometimes indicate a suspicion of infection or urinary system abnormalities. Reddish or pink urine warrants red blood cells in the urine. The cloudy color in the urine indicates the presence of increased white blood cells in the urine. The color of urine can also be influenced by the type of food or certain medications consumed.

Protein is normally not found in urine. That is because protein is a large molecule that is difficult through the kidney filtering system. Urine protein +1 can still be said to be within normal limits. This is generally caused by a diet that contains a lot of protein or the presence of protein released from the muscles (for example in individuals after doing strenuous exercise, there is a micro injury to the muscle that causes a lot of muscle protein to be released and eventually discharged through urine). If further tests are found to have a urine protein value of more than 1 positive, then it is possible that this might occur:

infections or stones in the urinary tract (abnormalities can occur from the kidneys to the urethra outermost channel)
decreased kidney filtering function, for example in hypertension or diabetes
injury to the urinary tract
the use of certain drugs that damage kidney function
the presence of toxins / poisons that damage the kidneys
autoimmunity conditions (conditions where the body's immune cells attack the body's own cells)

Bilirubin is a yellowing product of the breakdown of red blood cell hemoglobin. Bilirubin is processed in the liver and then sent together with bile latex into the digestive tract. In the digestive tract, bilirubin will be metabolized by normal bacteria in the intestine so that there is a product in the form of urobilinogen. In general, the presence of bilirubin with a value of +1 in the urine can still be tolerated at normal limits. Urobilinogen is normally found in urine but in low concentrations. The value of +3 urobilinogen is quite high. Then maybe in your body there is increased production of bilirubin and urobilinogen, or there is a decrease in liver function in metabolizing bilirubin.

These conditions can occur in liver infections, fatty liver, cirrhosis of the liver, abnormalities of enzymes in the liver, or in conditions that cause an increase in red blood cells that die and are overhauled by the liver.

You should consult again with your doctor, or internist. If necessary, the doctor will order a liver function test or other examination such as ultrasound.

Hopefully this information can help. Regards.

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